The Reconnection Bootcamp

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The in-person networking that led to good referrals is dead. Or at least in quarantine.

Know you need to get a handle on your sales and marketing?

But not sure how to go about it?

If you love serving clients and have thrived through word-of-mouth and have always wanted to get a handle on your sales pipeline and now you need a way to do it remotely, this is for you.

I call it the Reconnection Challenge (I was going to call it the pick up the $#%@ phone challenge, but that’s not quite right for several reasons).

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, you will:

  • Turn your website into a conversion engine without sounding like a bunch of nonsensical marketing vomit. (After all, your website’s only job is to get you leads.)
  • Create a “real” bio for your site, your lead magnets, and your proposals.
  • Create a personal video for your business. (I know, it’s hard– the video above was very painful for me. Posting it was even harder– I already know I want to redo it.)
  • Create a compelling positioning statement.
  • Have over 100 conversations with prospects, clients, partners, and people you just like. (Even if you’re introverted like me.)
  • Learn how to effective conversations that make it easy for people to buy without “selling”.
  • Learn how to create compelling proposals without stress.

We will have a weekly zoom live coaching session (which will be recorded if you can’t make it that week’), a shared Google sheet for accountability metrics (you control what you enter) and sharing some info about your business, and a community forum and/or email list (exact technology TBD).

This is built around the Mimiran CRM, because we need that to automate some of the tasks and make it easier to do others. 

But it’s not just about tools. It’s also about strategy, process, accountability, and fun. (Are you allowed to have fun doing sales and marketing? After years of thinking that was an oxymoron, I think if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.)

You’ll also get access to the transformational online course on sales proposals ($497).

The price is $198. (2 months of Mimiran subscription fees.) You can stop that subscription after the bootcamp, if you want, or just keep using it to automate your sales and marketing.

If you want to get started, click the Apply button above and fill out the brief questoinnaire.

If you’re already a Mimiran customer, just email support to join.

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