The Hardest Advice to Follow

Is usually your own.

Last week I wrote about how to multiply the value of your content, because this is a problem I face along with many of you. I knew I needed to do a better job with this. Am I doing better? A little…

  • I added a past blog post to Medium (Does Your Website Welcome Visitors? Or Keep Them Away?). The trick with Medium is that you don’t want Google to think that you have duplicate content, especially because the Medium version of your content will likely rank higher than the one on your site, so you have to use the “canonical url” trick. However, Medium doesn’t let you do that through the browser. You have to use the API. I used this script, which requires installing node and its request library. It didn’t take long, if you’re willing to do a little hacking, but it’s not friendly, or even accessible to most people. Still working on finding something easier.
  • I took the content from last week’s post and put it on SlideShare. This is really easy.
  • I did NOT get over my bashfulness in front of the camera and put the content on YouTube. (Nor did I just record audio of me reading the slides from the SlideShare experiment, because I hate just reading slides.) Need to work on this one.

I’ll be looking at traffic numbers to see if/how this impacts overall visits, and of course, conversions.

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