Sales without “Selling” 2-Step Plan for Solo Consultants

'Tis the Seasons for Annual Plans...

But is your actually sustainable?

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Implement the simple, 2-step solo consultant sales plan

It’s fun, sustainable, and effective, and let’s you be you.

Take the complimentary 40 minute training (20 minutes each if you watch at 2X speed).

And join the 5 Day Challenge if you want to put it into practice in a supportive, group setting. 

What people are saying...

"I did in weeks what I was trying to do for 18 months. The snippets and recordings were really helpful and the whole challenge went really well."
Rod Nyberg
Rod Nyberg
Owner, New Mountain Partners
"I'm leaps and bounds ahead. I'm having better conversations and I know I'll be following up because Mimiran will remind me."
Andy Vargo
Andy Vargo
Owner, Speaker, Comedian, Own Your Awkward
"I jumped into the Challenge and it's been the best decision. The Challenge and Mimiran have helped my business immeasurably-- so much more than I pay for. It's been an incredible boost for my business.."
Rebecca Murray
Rebecca Murray
Owner, Showcase Your Shine