ROI Calculators

Now you can embed ROI calculators in your lead magnets (or proposals).

ROI Calculators are popular online because they promise to help your prospects discover just how valuable your offerings are.

However, this promise is often unrealized because:

  • Online calculators are often too simplistic (while sales-driven calculators are often too complex, but that’s another story).
  • Once someone fills in a calculator, they tend to do away and the experience is lost.

Managed Services ROI Calculator

With Mimiran, we can help you build custom ROI calculators with just the right level of detail, and a whole new way of using calculators.

  • Best of all, when a prospect fills in a calculator, Mimiran saves the inputs (and outputs) in a secure space, so both you and the prospect can refer back to ROI calculation.
  • You get notified if and when your prospect views the content or updates the inputs, so you can follow up at the right time.
  • You can see a list of the prospects who have requested a calculator and when they last viewed it.
  • You get a better sense of which prospects have which problems, so you can better prioritize your sales efforts.
  • You can include other marketing content along with the ROI calculator, even conditionally showing and hiding content based on the results of the calculation. For example, if the ROI calculator shows that turnover reduction has a huge impact, but time savings doesn’t, you might show a blurb on turnover reduction and hide the section on time savings.

Want to check it out? Grab this IT services ROI calculator.

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