Respond Quickly to Web Leads (or Lose Deals)

Cobbler's Children's shoes: respond quickly on your web leads

How critical it is to respond to web leads quickly? I may sound like a broken record, but research from and Harvard Business Review indicates that if you can respond within 1 hour, you get 60X more conversations than if you wait 24 hours. That’s not 60%, it’s 60X, or 6,000%. I’m a big believer in speedy response, and Mimiran is all about making it easy to not just capture contact info, but make contact with a person. (I even have a special buzz on my phone when I get a notification.)

So, in this “Cobbler’s Children” version of hammering on this message, I’m calling out my own failure. I try to followup with good leads quickly, and I usually do a pretty good job. However, during spring break, I was traveling with my family, backed up on projects and other commitments, my inbox exploding. I followed up promptly with a number of leads, but one simply got buried in my inbox. (Did you see that terrible language there, implying I had no control over it?)

I dug out a week later and got the prospect on the phone. We had a great conversation that ended like this:

“I really wish you had called me earlier. You clearly would have been far more helpful than the company I already paid.”

To add to my shame, he helpfully cited the statistics. 😉

Follow up on your web leads quickly, folks.

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