Referral Report

Mimiran CRM Referrals Screen Most Valuable Asset

Your Biggest Asset

"The list of clients and who referred them is your business's biggest asset."
Stacey Brown Randall
Stacey Brown Randall
Author, Generating Business Referrals Without Asking

Have your biggest asset at your finger tips with Mimiran.

  • Track who referred whom. No customization required.
  • Get a report of how much business those referrals generate, automatically updated as prospects e-sign agreements in Mimiran to become clients.
  • Keep your referral network vibrant. Mimiran assigns a Next Conversation Date and provides Call Mode to make it easy to stay top-of-mind.
  • Add information for deals signed outside of Mimiran.

What about past clients?

This is great for deals you close in Mimiran, but what about deals you closed before?  When you start using Mimiran, your referral report may look a little sparse.

Add a “Deal Record” with a few clicks and Mimiran will track the rest.

Mimiran CRM Deal-Record

Build Your First Referral Report in Minutes

Add past deals, projects you won through partners on their paper, and other revenue sources that didn’t flow through Mimiran’s e-signature capability.