Proposal Webinar


Do you get butterflies when a prospect asks for a proposal?

I did, too.

I knew the proposal was a necessary step, so I liked getting the request, I just didn’t like going off and writing the darn thing.

That’s because I was doing it all wrong.

It took me years to unlearn some silly things I had absorbed from the general bad habits floating around in the sales world, but you can do it all in an hour next week, when I do a webinar with the Professional Independent Consultants of America (PICA).

We’ll cover:

  • Know if and when to commit to a proposal
  • Identify the key piece you have to get right for a successful proposal
  • Set price(s)
  • Get the client to do most of the work for you
  • Present the proposal
  • Know when to follow up

PICA is a great organization for independent consultants, but you don’t have to be a member to attend. Just register here. The webinar is on 2/15, from 12-1CT.

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