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“Right after Mimiran¬†introduced the new proposal format, I had the opportunity to use it in a competitive bidding process. It was a leap of faith, but I decided, ‘why not?’. We won the business, and I was told that one of the things our new client really liked about us what that we wrote in laymen’s terms, and were able to explain their technology issues and our recommendations in a way that was easy for them to understand. I was able to go from my average 12 page proposal down to 5 pages, and the storytelling format works well. I’m a convert!”

Kathy Koch, Owner, CMIT Solutions of Grand Rapids.
Kathy Koch Proposal Help

Do you dread writing proposals?

Proposals don’t have to be hard. We often make them hard because we don’t prepare properly.

Are you losing too many deals?

If everything seemed good until the proposal, the proposal might be costing you business, instead of winning it.

Do you have to explain your proposal to clients?

The proposal is supposed to be the clear summation of your discussions.

Unsure of how to price?

If your proposal isn’t strong, your pricing isn’t strong, and if your pricing isn’t strong, your business won’t be, either.

You can fix it

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Get a Personal Proposal Review. I’ve helped companies improve win rates (sometimes tripling them), avoid pricing pressure, and create better customer relationships.

The good news is that your competitors’ proposals are probably really bad, too. And you can gain a huge advantage in just an hour, that will help you on your current proposal, and carry through to every deal you do in the future.

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