Are Your Proposals Hurting Sales Instead of Winning Deals?

When was the last time you really looked at your proposal templates?

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“Right after Mimiran¬†introduced the new proposal format, I had the opportunity to use it in a competitive bidding process. It was a leap of faith, but I decided, ‘why not?’. We won the business, and I was told that one of the things our new client really liked about us what that we wrote in laymen’s terms, and were able to explain their technology issues and our recommendations in a way that was easy for them to understand. I was able to go from my average 12 page proposal down to 5 pages, and the storytelling format works well. I’m a convert!”

Kathy Koch, Owner, CMIT Solutions of Grand Rapids.

Do your proposals

  • Focus too much on the seller and not enough on the buyer?
  • Read like a brochure instead of a story (and therefore fail to connect emotionally)?
  • Have too much jargon and fancy words that obscure meaning (confusing the prospect or forcing them to clarify meaning delays sales cycles, at best, and kills them in many cases)?
  • Describe features rather than value and urgency?
  • Simply have too much stuff in them?

The good news is that most proposals are terrible. With a little clean up, you can stand out from the competition, speed up your sales cycles, and increase your margins.

Warning: Don’t do this if you are emotionally invested in your current proposal template(s).