Proposal Automation: Get More Clients

CRM: Nurture Relationships

Don't "Network": Connect

Consulting is a relationship business. 
And conversations are the building blocks of relationships.
Have more, better conversations, without stress.
  • Track referrals (and get more)
  • Never forget to follow up.
  • Search your notes 
Mimiran CRM Mobile

The fortune is in the follow-up

Mimiran Web Contacts from Page
  • Mimiran automatically assigns Next Conversation Dates based on your tags
  • Never forget to follow-up
Need a "Fill in the Blank" Hero Consulting Proposal Template?

Build a Connection Habit

  • Click a button on the Contacts page to block off weekly time for connecting.
  • Click “Start Call Mode” when you get the calendar alert.
  • Have a conversation, take notes.
  • Click Save, and move to the next contact. (Mimiran sets the Next Conversation Date for you based on the contact’s tag(s), but you can manually override.)
Mimiran CRM Call Mode
Mimiran CRM edit multiple contacts

Manage Contacts

  • Edit contacts individually, or in a group.
  • Set tags, referring contact, next conversation date, and more.
Ready to grow beyond feast and famine?

Track Referrals

  • Who helps you grow your business?
  • Keep track with the Referrals Report.
Ready to nurture your relationships?