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Networking doesn't work unless you follow up

Attract the right people with the right story.

Follow-up with real conversations and never let important people fall through the cracks.

Track and grow referrals.

And so much more.

Mimiran is beyond a spreadsheet, without the enterprise complexity of CRMs built for the VP of sales.

Mimiran CRM Mission and Positioning Tool
“Mimiran CRM is a great option for me and keeps me accountable in a way that feels natural and low pressure.”
Sarah Elkins
Sarah Elkins
Chief Storymaker, Elkins Consulting Inc.

More Conversations, Less Stress

Click “Start Call Mode”, stop worrying and start enjoying more conversations.

You know you have people to talk to. It’s just hard remembering them all and actually talking to them.

Mimiran automatically sets Next Conversation Dates and makes it easy to have more conversations.


Mimiran CRM start call mode
"Your referrals report may be the most value asset in your business."
Stacey Brown Randall
Stacey Brown Randall
Author, Generating Business Referrals Without Asking
Mimiran Referrals Report with Conversation Dates

More of what you need,
without the enterprise complexity

  • Automate proposals (including e-signature)
  • Lead magnets that convert visitors to leads to conversations
  • Peer conversation leaderboard
Mimiran Peer Conversation Leaderboard
"Mimiran is more than just a CRM. It's actually a Swiss army knife of useful tools, like lead magnets, a peer dashboard and other features that helps keep me accountable as a solo "sales person" who is also doing a million other things."
Frank Agin
Frank Agin