Oracle Sales Cloud + Mimiran Online Proposals

Oracle Sales Cloud is great for managing your pipeline.

But what happens when the prospect says “Send me a proposal”?

Don’t rely on 1980s technology like Word and Excel, wondering which template you should use, whether you replaced the old customer name in each paragraph, whether you have the right pricing spreadsheet, and, once you finally get the proposal out, whether the prospect has even read it.

With Mimiran Online Proposals, you can:

  • Create proposals from templates in a few clicks
  • Save and reuse content in one place
  • Always have the right price
  • Always have the right customer name
  • Offer multiple options to increase win rate and revenue
  • Know when prospects read your proposals
  • See the status of your proposals at a glance
Combined with Oracle Sales Cloud, Mimiran provides a complete solution.
  • Quickly create quotes and proposals from opportunities
  • Automatically track prospects’ proposal activity as opportunity interactions

As a bonus, you can quickly setup a lead capture and auto responder system that helps you get more visitors into your funnel.