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Mimiran solution for ideal client website formula

Do people know if they’re in the right spot when they come to your home page?

“Well, yes. It says right here I help fix business problems. If they’ve got a business, they certainly have problems, and then they know they’re in the right place, right?”

Wrong. It’s just too vague.

Visitors decide almost instantaneously if your site is for them, so make it easy.

Have your big H1 headline tell them.

If you’re not doing this now, try this simple formula:

[Solution] for [Ideal Client].

Then get as specific as possible.

Instead of “solutions for business owners”…

  • “Improved Cashflow for Web Agencies”
  • “Faster Nurse Hiring for Rural Hospitals”
  • “Better Customer Retention for Dog Walkers”

You get the idea.

The right person, the Ideal Client, should think– great, I’m in the perfect place.

Just as importantly, everyone else should think– oops, I’m in the wrong place. So they don’t waste your time, and you don’t waste theirs.

Of course, there’s a screen in Mimiran to help you with this.

If you’ve already got an account, just go to the Mission & Positioning page and pay attention to the Home Page tab. (If you don’t have an account, start a free trial.)

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