Live Chat with Prospects in Mimiran Proposals, Lead Magnets

Live chat is a great feature for web pages and apps. Mimiran uses a handy live chat help widget (from Olark) to answer user questions.

Mimiran Olark-Powered Chat Widget

This is great if you have a question about Mimiran, but what if one of your prospects has a question about your proposal or lead magnet?

If you use chat technology that you embed in your website or applications, you can now embed it in Mimiran in place of the Olark chat widget on prospect-facing screens. This means your prospects can chat with your sales or support reps. (See example below. The details will depend on your particular chat technology.)

Custom Live Chat Widget

Live Chat with prospects in Mimiran proposals


Just send the javascript embed code to support(at), and we’ll do the rest. (Assuming your chat widget is powered by a javascript or HTML snippet, like Olark, Zopim, Velaro, BoldChat, HelpOnClick, etc.)

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