Get More Clients for Your Law Practice

Grow your practice and spend more time actually practicing law.

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Convert More Visitors to Leads

You can't offer legal advice online, but you can provide information related to your expertise. Mimiran helps you help people in your target market, while generating leads.

If your website isn't generating leads, it's not doing it's job. Especially if you're spending money to drive traffic-- get the most from that investment.

Convert More Leads to Consults

Don't just get notified of a new lead, get notified if and when they interact with your Lead Magnets, so you can follow up at the right time with an email (or phone call if they request it). Use interactive Lead Magnets like client questionnaires to provide values to leads (and help you qualify them). Invite visitors to become a lead, then a prospect, then a client, instead of asking them to make the jump right from your website.

Convert More Consults to Clients

Create professional representation agreements in minutes with templates.
Stand out with images and even embedded video.
Read notifications make it easy and pain-free to follow-up, and e-signature and PDF export make it easy to close the business and get to work.

Make Your Marketing Go Further

In addition to streamlining your pipeline, you can integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook to see which traffic sources and ads are driving not only traffic, but business.

Track Traditional Referrals

Mimiran makes it easy to see who refers you contacts (and clients) in the offline world, too.

Stay Connected to Your Network

Get friendly reminders to follow up with the people in your network who matter, so you keep your network vital and helpful.

Sounds good, but not sure where to start?

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