Just because you’re solo, you don’t have to sell alone

Mimiran Peer Conversation Leaderboard

One of the hardest things about being a solo consultant is selling solo. People joke about sales reps being “coin operated”, but it’s more accurate to say that are motivated by competition (in addition to compensation).

If you’re a solo consultant, or the only one at your firm responsible for sales, it can get lonely, not matter how much your rational mind wants you to make calls and win business.

Now it doesn’t have to be so lonely. You can connect with other solo sellers in Mimiran to create a shared conversation leaderboard. The only thing you see is how many conversations your peers have had in a certain time frame (week, month, quarter, year to date). And they can see the same thing about you. You don’t exchange any details about the conversations, just that they happened.

So you can get the psychological advantage of being part of a sales team of people you admire, without having to be part of a big sales team.

Mimiran Peer Conversations Leaderboard

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