Is Your Sales Team Digging in the Right Place?

Indy has the key to the map room. So while the bad guys are tearing up the whole desert, he goes straight to the right place. What if you could have the key to the map room when it comes to follow up on your quotes and proposals?

Because what’s less fun that writing a proposal? Trying to follow up. Even though you set up the follow up meeting before you committed to the proposal (right? If not, learn from me, this helps a little), that meeting got rescheduled, and then you leave a voicemail, and then, should you leave another one? Was my price too high? Are we out of the running? How much time do you and your sales team spend “digging in the wrong place”?

What if you could follow up right when your prospect was reading your proposal?

Picture this– you get an email saying your prospect is reading the proposal. You click the link and see which sections of the proposal they have read. You wait until they get to the end, and then call. They say “so glad you called, I was just reading your proposal.” Then you can have a conversation at just the right time, even making tweaks while on the phone so you get the e-signature and close the deal while you’re on the call.

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