I know what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m just not doing it…

Ever been in that situation before?

(Like how I was supposed to write this post a week ago, but somehow didn’t.)

I’ve noticed 2 major issues when I’m having trouble getting started on something.

  1. I’m scared of some consequence, usually in my own head, like, “what if I call someone and they’re busy?” or “what if I release this feature and no one likes it?”
  2. I’m not sure what do next. This uncertainty causes inaction. I know the next action in this case is supposed to be “figure out the path to the goal and take the first step”, but if it’s too cloudy, even that can be hard.

A lot of folks make some pretty fancy resolutions around January 1st. Most people have abandoned theirs by now. 😉

Creating new resolutions in the dead of winter (sorry, southern hemisphere readers) is not the best time. Spring is for renewal and growth. In other words, now.

So join me next week when mindset coach Angela Kristen Taylor digs into this topic, and helps you move from chaos to clarity in a free webinar on March 21. Register here.

I’m looking forward to it. In the past few years, I’ve made huge strides in being able to do things like pick up the phone and call people (life-changing– highly recommend), but my efforts to make more use of video are, let’s just say, a work in (a little) progress.

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