How to do sales proposals the right way

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know there’s a lot of material on proposals. I’ve also done a lot of coaching and consulting on proposals. Each time, I tell myself I should really put this content in an online proposal course so anyone who needs it could access it.

After one coaching session too many, I finally did it. 😉

Now you can spend a little bit under an hour and a half learning what I took a decade to learn (I could just be a really slow learner, but I think this will accelerate your business regardless).

Especially as you consider your planning for next year, having a more efficient, effective proposal process that increases your close rates can have a big impact on your sales and marketing efforts, because it changes your pipeline performance.

So if you’ve struggled with a proposal, or lost a deal that you thought was in the bag after you sent a proposal, check out the Sales for Nerds Online Course. (If it doesn’t help you win more deals and reduce your stress, get your money back.)

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