How many seconds?

How many seconds does a visitor take on your site to figure out if they belong? If they are part of your tribe? If your offering is what they need?

On mobile?

Do visitors have to scroll to figure this out?

And no “business owners” or “executives” are not specific-enough categories for someone to figure out if they’re in the right place.

Do you have a giant stock photo on top of your website that looks pretty, but doesn’t resonate with your target audience?

In short, the moment someone pulls up your site (on their phone), they should be able to tell if they are in the right place (or not), and what you do for them.

Want to make sure your message grabs people right away?

The Mission & Positioning tool in Mimiran walks you through it.

Note that while you can copy this content, the idea isn’t to simply paste it into your website, but to massage it so that it flows well. But the tool helps you stay focused on your audience, what you do for them, and how you’re different, and includes an offer of valuable help they can get right now– not some “Free Consult” or “Subscribe to Newsletter” call-to-action.

Try it out and make your website (and your LinkedIn profile) a beacon to your ideal prospects.

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