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Get Leads from Your Consulting Website

A lot of consultants are experts in their fields, but their websites don’t resonate with visitors, depriving the consultants of leads, and the visitors of help. Sure, there may be a “call to action”, an unfriendly form, that looks something like this:

Traditional Service Page with Bad Lead OptinThere’s a bunch of text, and a form inviting you to “join our newsletter” or “contact us”.

Even if you’re using ads or SEO to drive traffic to sites like this, you’re basically tell them to go away, rather than connecting.

Instead, make it easy for people to take the next step. Especially for people who are not ready to wade through 7 form fields just to get first-level information. For example, if you offer consulting, you can offer a lead magnet like “5 Mistakes People Make Implementing Salesforce”. And just give people a button to click that gives them what they want. (Then the button will pop up the form. And just ask for their email– you don’t need their mother’s maiden name.)

How Mimiran Works Lead Capture

Bob Davis, who helps companies put together simple sales plans (see had a highly ranked site on Google, but it wasn’t converting. Bob said, “I went to a lot of trouble to get into the top 3 Google results, but my webpage wasn’t getting me leads. I signed up for Mimiran, and BOOM!, I’ve got a steady flow of high quality leads.”

How? By making it much more inviting to take the next step and grab a compelling lead magnet.

Want to do the same thing? Mimiran makes it really simple to create an opt-in lead capture widget, and convert visitors to leads, leads to conversations, and conversations to closed deals.

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