As a Freelancer, You Wear Enough Hats

Here are some resources and tools to make your life easier.

Automate Your Sales and Marketing- Results Guaranteed

1 Simple App Converts More Web Visitors to Leads, More Leads to Conversations, and More Conversations to (e)Signed Deals.

Great a helping your clients, but need help getting more?

  • Turn more web visitors into leads with Lead Magnets and Lead Capture Widgets.
  • Turn more leads into conversations with view notifications.
  • Turn more conversations into clients with proposal templates, centralized content snippets, view notifications, e-signature, and more.
  • Stay in touch with existing clients, partners, and prospects with Mimiran’s tagging system.
  • Track the real revenue impact of Google and Facebook campaigns, not just the traffic.
  • Analyze won and lost proposals to help you grow your business.

Results Guaranteed

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Get Your Free Fill-in-the-Blank Hero Proposal Template

Familiarize yourself with this template, and you’ll know what questions to ask to fill it in to create a compelling proposal, close the deal, and make your client a hero.

fill in the blank consulting proposal template

Nail Your Niche, Your Positioning, and Your Marketing Message

How to create and manage a sales funnel

When I ran a boutique consulting business, all of our clients came from word-of-mouth.

This was a really bad way to run a business. Learn from my mistakes with this free guide, covering:

  • An interactive positioning worksheet
  • How to generate leads from your website
  • How to (dis)qualify those leads
  • How to turn good prospects into clients without stress
  • An interactive worksheet so you can measure the impact of pipeline changes on your practice
Get More Clients Guide

Lead Magnet Concepts

Want to offer Lead Magnets on your site, but not sure what to do?

This list of 22 concepts will give you plenty of ideas.

2018 Pipeline Planning

Sales for Nerds Podcast

For people who never wanted to do sales and marketing, but realized they have to do them well to grow their practice and their lives. Check out the stories from solopreneurs like Brennan Dunn to serial entrepreneurs like Jason Cohen.