CRM for Freelancers who hate “selling”

CRM for solo consultants,
not giant sales teams

Have more conversations and get more clients, without having to impersonate a sales rep.

  • “Help” instead of “Sell”
  • “Teach” instead of “Market”
  • “Connect” instead of “Network”
Mimiran Dashboard and Mobile
“Mimiran CRM is a great option for me and keeps me accountable in a way that feels natural and low pressure.”
Sarah Elkins
Sarah Elkins
Chief Storymaker, Elkins Consulting Inc.
"Mimiran revolutionized my world and has helped me DOUBLE my business with really professional-looking proposals. I love the speed, efficiency, and the way I look to my clients. My clients also appreciate the convenience of signing online and starting right away.”
Caroline Valentine
CEO, ValentineHR
A whole different take on CRM...
Mimiran Peer Leaderboard

Solo, But Not Alone

Create your own Conversation “Leaderboard” to encourage you and your peers to have more conversations. 

Nail Your Positioning

You’re not just on the clock, you’re on a mission. Mimiran is the only CRM that helps you hone your mission and positioning to make sales and marketing easier.

Mimiran Superhero Name Only
Mimiran CRM Referrals Screen Most Valuable Asset

Track and Increase Referrals

Don’t leave your business to chance. 

Track referrals and be systematic about getting more.

More Conversations, Less Stress

Click “Start Call Mode”, stop worrying and start enjoying more conversations.

You know you have people to talk to. It’s just hard remembering them all and actually talking to them.

Mimiran automatically sets Next Conversation Dates and makes it easy to have more conversations.


Start Call Mode
Mimiran Web Contacts from Page

Convert Visitors to Leads
(and Leads to Conversations)

Offer responsive Lead Magnets– checklists, questionnaires, video instructions, and more.

Unlike typical online lead generation systems, Mimiran is optimized for a lower volume of higher value leads, where the goal is to get to a conversation.

Mimiran makes it easy, with no “selling” necessary.

Automate Proposals

  • Create compelling proposals in a few clicks.
  • Fill in key details from conversation notes
  • Standardize pricing (and offer options)
  • Know when prospects read your proposals
  • Clients can e-sign on any device
  • Automate contracts, NDAs, partnership agreements, and more.


Mimiran Design Proposal Template
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