Landing Page Grader: Free Consulting Page Review

I’ve talked before about why most consulting websites are terrible. (Sad, true, and I’ve been guilty of it all– that’s how I know.) So I wanted to offer people a simple, easy, free landing page grader to help fix some of these problems.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. But consulting websites are notorious for being unhelpful and bad at converting visitors. Note, we’re not trying to convert visitors to buyers of a complex solution in a few clicks, we just want them to take the next step in their journey, which usually involves getting more information or setting up a time to talk. While you can spend endless amounts of time, money, and energy optimizing landing pages (and if you’re already doing that, you can ignore this), many companies make some basic mistakes that unintentionally drive visitors away. (As I said, I’ve made them. I know.)

Landing Page Grader Review

Now there’s something free and easy you can do about it. Well, depending on how terrible things are, it may not be free or easy to fix, but at least you’ll know what’s wrong. Introducing…

Free Landing Page Grader

Just check out the free consulting landing page grader for a free report on what your page is doing well, and what you could improve to get more leads and more business.

Note that if you don’t have “landing pages”, you just have a home page and some services pages, those pages will act as your landing pages. So if you’re wondering why your website doesn’t rain leads on you, or why your AdWords spend doesn’t deliver the ROI you expected, it may be your website. You often don’t need to spend tons of money or completely revamp your site to get better results. Why not find out?

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