Finding the Soul of Your Brand with Justin Foster

Justin Foster of Root and River

What does your brand mean? Does it have a soul? And how does finding the soul of your brand improve your results, in business and in life?

Planning your sales and marketing for 2020? Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

Your business is more than just an entity for making money. It is an expression of who you are and what you believe in. Like you, your business has a soul – the cumulative spirit of all the humans that your brand touches. Audiences are attracted to soul – that deep resonance that produces curiosity and trust. Connection to soul is what people are buying, not products or services. We understand that notion when it comes to companies like Apple, Nike, or Ferrari, but what does it mean for you? Come find out…

In this hands-on workshop, Root + River co-founder Justin Foster (and Sales for Nerds guest– check out the episode here) will guide you through a series of exercises intended to:

Justin Foster of Root and River on Finding the Soul of Your Brand
– Integrate your personal and business missions
– Codify your core beliefs and standards
– Create language that invites curiosity and provokes the soul
– Learn practical tips on expressing your brand’s soul in marketing.

All of this will be captured in a “Soul of your Brand” worksheet that you can use to guide your decisions moving forward– this is not just a lecture, this is a workshop, with the emphasis on work. 😉

Note that while this may sound like a bunch of new-age nonsense (at least that was my first thought), it’s a powerful framework for attracting the right prospects for the right work to create meaningful results.

If you’re having trouble generating your mission and standing out, don’t miss this free workshop. (Thank you, Justin!)

Finding the soul of your brand makes your sales and marketing more powerful and helps you grow not just your business, but you life. RSVP now for “Finding the Soul of Your Brand” to save your spot for this Friday.



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