Products, Services and Quotes

Can I have multiple quotes on one proposal?

You can add more than one quote to a proposal, and this is a great way to offer a cross-sell or up-sell, or a good/better/best set of options. When you have more than one quote on a proposal, the quotes … Read More

Can I offer multiple quotes in one proposal?

Yes. And this is often a great way to boost win rates and average selling price. If you do this, the customer must select at least one option to accept the proposal.

What’s the relationship between quotes and proposals?

A proposal can have one or more quotes. (Actually, you can have a proposal without any quotes, but then you don’t get the advantage of Mimiran computing the appropriate pricing.) You can even think of a proposal as being one … Read More

Does Mimiran hold a catalog of products and services?

Yes. You can then select from this catalog to create quotes, so you have a standardized way of managing offerings and prices.