All Metal Maintenance Stands

“All Metal Maintenance Stands is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of “Safety First” maintenance stands and hangar equipment for the aviation industry.  Our “safety first” philosophy and innovative designs improve safety and maintenance efficiency for aircraft mechanics, while bringing down costs for our clients.

With Mimiran, we can provide detailed, compelling proposals for custom solutions quickly, and collaborate and close faster than we could with our traditional proposal process.”

Johnny Buscema

CEO, All Metal Maintenance Stands

All Metal Maintenance Stands


Catalina Biosolutions

“We help landfills remediate drilling waste faster.  We accelerate TPH removal in drill cuttings muds to enable landfills to re-use or dispose of the material.

Mimiran gives us the credibility we need when we are putting together proposals for our partners and future partners.  Mimiran allows partners to navigate proposals more flexibly and we can better understand their concerns so we can close the deal faster.”

Keys Oakley

President, Catalina Biosolutions