Create More Compelling Proposals

Kathy Koch“Right after Mimiran introduced the new proposal format, I had the opportunity to use it in a competitive bidding process. It was a leap of faith, but I decided, ‘why not?’. We won the business, and I was told that one of the things our new client really liked about us what that we wrote in laymen’s terms, and were able to explain their technology issues and our recommendations in a way that was easy for them to understand. I was able to go from my average 12 page proposal down to 5 pages, and the storytelling format works well. I’m a convert!”
Kathy Koch, Owner, CMIT Solutions of Grand Rapids.

Are your proposals speeding up your sales cycle or slowing it down?

  • Are your proposals copied and pasted together from the last proposal you wrote?
  • Are your proposals filled with jargon?
  • Are your proposals about you, or your prospect’s problem?
  • Are your proposals something your prospect wants to read?
  • Don’t execute on your sales funnel only to let deals slip away in the proposal stage.

Mimiran can help you:

  • Create customized proposals quickly, starting with basic templates.
  • Write in your customer’s language.
  • Put your customer at the center of their own story and solution.
  • Create compelling proposals, including imagery and video.
  • Negotiate more effectively and reduce price competition.
  • Create and close proposals faster.

Solutions include sales workshops, proposal creation and editing, and proposal software.