Convert Consulting Visitors to Leads and Conversations

Your consulting website has one job: to get you leads. But once you have those leads, it’s your job to have a conversation to see if and how you can help the lead.

We looked into having a Call to Action (CTA) that converts from a visitor to a lead, but what about the lead to conversation step?

The mistakes consultants make on lead follow up:

  • Not following up! You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but a lot of consultants just hope the prospect will call them. It can happen, but it’s rare. You need to follow up.
  • Following up only by email. You need to get to a conversation. Email is great– as a way to enable a real conversation, but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. If you have a helpful lead magnet, you can have a a friendly, helpful conversation about a subject that you both care about. No “selling” necessary.
  • Only following up once. Keep following up until you have a conversation and decide you don’t have a fit. It’s best to follow up when the lead is engaging with your lead magnet, which is why Mimiran’s ability to notify you not just when the visitor requests the lead magnet, but when they come back to reread it is so helpful.

Want more info on following up effectively and without stress or “selling”? Join my office half-hour on Thursday.

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