Convert Blog Posts to Video

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The world seems to be moving to video (does this make me an old man for often preferring text?), but creating video content is harder and more time consuming. But if, as I’ve argued, every company is a media company, we need a way to create video without going broke in money or time.

I recently found a tool called Lumen5 that makes it really easy to create short videos from blog posts or other text sources. The tool tries to take the key phrases out of your post, match them with image and/or video backgrounds, and turns them into a video. You can edit the suggested text and imagery, add music, and publish, all in a few minutes.

You select text and drop it onto a “slide”. You can then add the background image or video for the slide, either from your post, from your computer, or by searching their library of royalty free media (including background music).

Lumen5 Screenshot Mimiran

This makes it easy to create short videos to share on social media.

Here’s an example that I created in a few minutes:

Is this going to win any Oscars? No, but it’s making it much easier to create some simple video content.

What’s your favorite way to create videos?

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