Automate Your Sales Funnel (Convention Special)

Mimiran helps you grow your business by automating key parts of the sales cycle:

  • Converting more visitors to leads.
  • More leads to assessments.
  • More assessments to closed proposals.

“You’ve caused me problems— thanks to your proposal process, I’ve won so much business that I’ve had to hire more people and I don’t really have a place to sit anymore. Seriously, though, it’s made a huge positive difference in my business and for my family.”
— Tom Burtzlaff, Owner CMIT Solutions of Columbia

Faster Sales Cycles

Turn assessments into proposals quickly with proposal templates, automatic insertion of customer names, and live search on notes.

Get More Leads

Convert more web visitors to leads with friendly Lead Capture Buttons (no more scary forms) and compelling Lead Magnets.

Turn More Prospects into Conversations

Mimiran notifies you when prospects are looking at the calculator or other lead magnet, so you can follow up at the right time to have a conversation. Plus, you know what they’ll want to talk about.

Close More Deals, at Higher Prices

Knowing where you provide value means your proposals are compelling and the prospect frames your pricing around their gain.