Client Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

Before you schedule a consultation with potential clients, do you ask for some upfront information?

I have, but not as systemically as I should. I want it to be short and sweet, not overly burdensome, but enough to give a sense of what would make the call a success, along with helping me (dis)qualify people I can(‘t) help.

Now you can do the same thing, with the Client Pre-Meeting Questionnaire.

Client Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

If you want to steal my Client Pre-Meeting Questionnaire, you can grab it below. Naturally, adjust it to your needs.

Naturally, if you implement this in Mimiran (you could have this all set up on your site in a few minutes), you not only get notified when someone requests your form, you also get notified if/when they revisit it, and you can see their responses on the contact record.

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