SMB pricing

Let Your Customers Do Your Price Optimization For You

Many small business owners consider pricing some kind of dark voodoo that you can only get right with the appropriate incantations, or access to a pricing consultant who knows the right incantations. At risk of hurting my own business, I’m … Read More

To Groupon or Not to Groupon?

Groupon has taken the local deal market by storm, growing quickly to $2B in revenue (depending on how you define “revenue”).  The local deals company has also created massive buzz and is now preparing for one of the largest IPOs … Read More

3 Ways for Small Business to Price, Which Way is Right?

As a small business owner, you don’t have big pricing departments or teams of PhDs with fancy algorithms to set prices.  Pricing is often the last thing you want to think about (we’ll talk about why this is a big … Read More

First step in running a profitable business: don’t be scared of making money

In my line of work, I encounter a lot of small business owners who set their prices by copying the “going price” in “the market” or by sticking their fingers in the wind.  This is unfortunate, but fixable.  What really … Read More

Better, Not Cheaper: Red Velvet Events

In a previous post, called Be Better, Not Cheaper , I talked about how important it is to differentiate elements of your offering other than just your price. Here’s a great example of executing that strategy from Austin and San … Read More