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Be Better, Not Cheaper

Who doesn’t love a bargain?  We all do, and we know our customers do, too.  But that doesn’t mean price is the only thing that’s important.  It becomes the only thing that’s important if everything else is the same. Many … Read More

Is pricing an art or a science?

I get this question a lot.  Sometimes from people who want to think it’s some kind of magic that doesn’t require rigorous analytical thinking, usually from people who want to prove that it’s a science.  Often their desire for proof … Read More

Subscriptions are in, free is out

Chris Anderson of Wired said that Free is the price of the future. Some of us beg to differ. Among those with other opinions are Lincoln Murphy of 16 Ventures who published a paper called The Reality of Freemium in … Read More

Agility Key to Success in Turbulent Times

The economy’s in a bubble! A crash! A recovery? Careful, you might get whiplash. Looking back at the roller coaster ride, a lot of companies lost a lot of money because they could not act, or even react, quickly enough. … Read More

What’s your plan to close out 2009?

What’s your plan to close out 2009? For many companies, 2009 has been a tough year. While many people remember the crash of the dot-com bubble, some people seem to have forgotten, and even that crash didn’t impact the broader … Read More

The exponential benefits of differential value

I wrote a couple weeks ago about Value, Scarcity and Pricing in the Age of Superabundance. Now there’s a timely report about the concentration of profits among cell phone makers from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi. Sacconaghi estimated that while … Read More

Value, Scarcity, and Pricing in the Age of Superabundance

For most people, throughout most of human existence, scarcity was paramount.** Now we live in an age of not just abundance, but superabundance. The agricultural revolution created abundance– not by today’s standards– in food. The industrial revolution created abundance in … Read More

The hidden story from Apple’s WWDC

Unless you’ve been assiduously avoiding the news lately, you probably heard that Apple announced a new iPhone model yesterday at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), along with updated laptops and various software updates. Most of the news coverage focused … Read More

Pricing agility is underrated

Pricing is a process, not an event. This mantra is important for companies who think pricing is something they do annually, when they update price books, or in special circumstances when they add a fuel surcharge. But pricing is happening … Read More

Microsoft’s Pricing Dilemma

Microsoft is between a rock and hard place. The Redmond software giant made an enviable $17.6B in profit last year (see MSFT for more details) but the stock is down from its bubbly peak and has been stagnant for almost … Read More