airline pricing

Virgin, BA Tussle as Price Fixing Probe Eyes Airline Fuel Charges

According to the Daily Mail, the current price-fixing probe into fuel surcharges on lucrative transatlantic routes started on a tip from Virgin Airlines, who alerted authorities about attempts by British Airways to bring them into a illegal pricing agreement. BA … Read More

Airlines Try Legroom Surcharges, Price Obfuscation

USA Today had a couple of pieces this week about airlines charging $15-$30 extra for coach seats with more leg room, and their attempts to make price comparisons harder by publishing low fares that do not include certain surcharges. The … Read More

Evils of Codesharing– Why Insist that Your Product Is a Commodity?

Many (most?) blogs are more a collection of rants than useful information. I have tried hard to avoid that. However, a recent experience requires a rant, and may provide useful information as well. Back in December, I got bumped from … Read More

How Much for That Aisle Seat?

Airline industry analyst Terry Trippler predicts we’ll see surcharges for assigned seats and aisle seats by the end of the year. Airlines have already started charging for “meals” that make the mediocre, overpriced airport fare seem like a good deal. … Read More