BLaaStr: Have more conversations

Tired of fighting with complex tools like Salesforce or Hubspot? 

Need something more than a spreadsheet?

Mimiran makes it easy to:

  • Get leads from your website
  • Have conversations with those leads (and people you already know)
  • Search those conversations for patterns
  • Automate the proposal process, including e-signature
  • Stay connected to the people who matter
  • Track online and offline revenue sources

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Get Leads (and Conversations) from Your Site

You don’t have to rely on word-of-mouth.

Don’t use your website to market– teach.

And offer Lead Magnets with Mimiran to convert visitors to leads and leads to conversations.


Mimiran Tracks Web Campaigns and Referrals to Revenue

Mimiran Lets You Track Offline Deals In Google Analytics
  • See trends in web page views, leads, conversations, proposals, and more, at a glance.
  • Analyze wins and losses.
  • Track referral sources to revenue.
  • Using Mimiran’s patent-pending technology, track Google and Facebook campaigns to revenue, not just to clicks, so you can optimize the right way.

Automate Proposals and Contracts

Create proposals fast with great templates.

Live-search your notes while you create your proposal.

Built in quoting and more, including offering different options in the same proposal.

Know if and when your prospect is reading your proposal.

You have to option to enable PDF generation for those prospects who aren’t ready to go paperless.


Stay Connected to the People Who Matter

Start Call Mode
  • Mimiran helps you keep track of when you need to talk to prospects, clients, partners, and more, so no one falls through the cracks.
  • Call Mode makes it easy to make more calls and increase connection, with less time and stress.

Get more leads, more conversations, and close more deals, with one simple tool and less stress.