Before you do your 2017 strategic planning…

It’s almost that time of the year again, when people start 2017 strategic planning.

Before you do, look at this chart, from


2017 strategic planning Life in Weeks-- Wait but why

Each row is a year and each box is a week.

While planning for next year is important, what about the overall picture? Are you going down the right path? Are you making time for the right things? (How many boxes are for real vacations?)

Barring unforeseen and unlikely medical advances, we have a limited number of boxes.

This means we will have to say “no” to a lot of things we’d like to say “yes” to, so we can do the things that we really care about. “Priority” used to be something people only used in the singular. Now we almost always use it in the plural, which has something to do with why people who have plenty also have plenty of stress.

What are you working on next week, next year, and how does that relate to your overall journey?

When selling, we want to look at not just the tactical implications of the prospect’s problem, but their overall business problem, and how solving it helps them live better. What about our own lives?

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