Apple Pulls Promo After 12 Hours

Apple launched, then quickly pulled, a promotion called “Mac Mini Test Drive” which allowed users to try a Mac Mini for 30 days and return it for a full refund if unsatisfied (see article). There was no official explanation for why Apple dropped the program, or what would happen to customers who already purchased computers under the program. Check this post for more info. I’m not a huge fan of Apple’s pricing, despite my defense of their iTunes pricing policy in a recent post (speaking as a pricing person, nevermind as a consumer) but a misqueue like this is not common, especially since a program like this would have had to run through Steve Jobs’ office first.

Why launch a promotion and then cancel it 12 hours later? Perhaps they could not keep up with demand? Perhaps some last minute data threw cold water on the plan? If anyone has more info, let me know.

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