21 Day Independence Day Challenge

Does your positioning do most of the sales and marketing work for you?

Or do you have to slog to get leads and then try to close them?

When your positioning is doing the work for you, you have easier conversations, more conversions, more perceived differential value (more pricing power), fewer objections to deal with, for more revenue for less effort.

Here’s a way to think about it (note that many people worry that stronger, more focused positioning will lead to fewer referrals. The opposite is true, but to be conservative, let’s assume you get the same number of referrals in either case.)

This is math, and while math doesn’t lie, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

The thing that I find most compelling about the case for good positioning is that not only do you make more money, but you have *fewer* conversations, that are much more fun. Weak positioning is what forces you do “sales”– trying to convince people to buy instead of letting people apply to work with you.

If you’d like to tighten up your positioning, join my 21 Day “Independence Day” Challenge.

(Originally, I wanted this to wrap up around July 4, but summer family plans made that impossible, hence the “21 Day” Challenge, starting next week. Thus solopreneurs make plans.)

If you’re interested in joining, we start next week, and here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1: Mission & Positioning, Origin Story
  • Week 2: Incorporate feedback from Clients
  • Week 3: Lead Magnet (& optional videos)

We’ll do a weekly Zoom call, plus homework with accountability buddies.

Count on spending at least 2 hours per week, although the actual time you’ll need will vary. (Sorry, wish I could be more specific, but that’s the real answer.) Of course, if you’re positioning isn’t doing most of the hard work for you, you should be spending as much time as needed addressing that.

You’ll get your positioning dialed in, create a compelling lead magnet, and get a referral.

If it’s a fit, and you do the work, I guarantee you will get good ROI within 3 months or you can keep using Mimiran and get coaching until you do.

You not only get the 21 day program, you get 3 months of Mimiran Starter Edition ($147 value), which means access to the Mission & Positioning Wizard, flawless follow up, lead magnets, proposal automation, and more.

Want to join? Ping reuben (at) mimiran.com. Or just sign up for the Starter plan and respond to the welcome email that you want to join the challenge.

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