Update Lead Capture Widgets for Asynchronous Javascript

The old Lead Capture Widgets have a drawback– synchronous Javascript that can slow down the page loading time for your visitors (and for Google).

Fortunately, those Widgets now offer asynchronous Javascript, do your page loads without having to wait on the Mimiran script to run. The script doesn’t take long, but every split-second counts with page loading, especially on mobile connections.

Here’s how you can quickly replace the older style with new, asynchronous style.

Go to your original Widget. Click the Copy button. (You can also click the Copy button under the Actions section of the Widgets List.)


This will automatically create a copy of your Widget, with everything the same as it was, but with asynchronous code.

Copy and paste the new code in place of the old on your website.


Now, you’re all set. (You may notice that your page loads and then the button appears.)

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