You can always set a Next Conversation Date manually.
If you apply a tag that has a conversation frequency to a contact (or contacts), Mimiran will update the Next date if it’s blank or if the the previous Next date was further out than what the tag would indicate.
For example, let’s say you have 2 contacts, John Doe and Jane Doe, with no Next date, and you apply a tag of “CIO”, which has a frequency of 90 days. Mimiran will set the Next date to 90 days from today.
Now suppose you have a good call with John, and you tag him as a Prospect, which let’s say has a frequency of 7 days. Now John’s Next date will get set to 7 days out.
Now suppose you decide you want to talk to CIOs more frequently, so you adjust the tag to have a 60 day frequency. Mimiran will now go through the contacts tagged “CIO” and decide what to do. John has a Next date 7 days out already, so nothing changes. Jane has a Next date 90 days out, so it now gets set to 60 days.
Note that if applying a tag does not update a contact’s Next conversation date, that means that the tag doesn’t have a conversation frequency set. You can navigate to the Tags screen to edit the appropriate tag and set the frequency.

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