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Capture (and Convert) More Leads

Here’s your site with a Mimiran Lead Capture Button.

This provides a clear, compelling call to action for a visitor who wants more details, but may not be ready to navigate to the “Contact Us” page and fill out a form.

Just look for the “Get More Details” button. (You can make the button say whatever you want, like “Get More Info”.)

How many leads are you letting go now? Why not capture more of them with Mimiran?

Make Your Website Work Harder for You Now
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Can I change the way the button and form look?

Yes– you can control the style of the button and other elements.

Can I change the text and/or fields on the form?


Can I change the content that goes out from this button?

Yes, you can define as many Templates in Mimiran as you would like. Each button is connected to a Template. You could, for example, have different buttons that send different content for each of your services pages.

Do I need to include pricing information in the content?

No– that’s up to you. For some situations, it may make sense to include pricing (you can even redirect the prospect to a payment form after acceptance). You can include “good/better/best” options, “starting from” prices, or no pricing information at all.

What if I don't want this going to the competition?

Instead of sending the content automatically, you can ask Mimiran to notify you when you have a new lead. The content is already prepared, but you can edit it, or withhold it, depending on the lead.

Why is this better than a Contact Us page?

There are 2 parts to this: capture and conversion.

Going to another page loses some visitors. Displaying a form also converts at a lower rate than popping up a form and forcing a decision from the visitor.

Then, having an automated response greatly increases your chances of engaging with the prospect, and of winning the deal. If the prospect has to wait, even several hours, you are unlikely to win the business.

Mimiran provides the best of both worlds: instant response, and ongoing engagement, including notifications of when prospects are engaging with your content.

How is this better than a typical auto responder?

You always get notified when a prospect is engaging with your content. (Many email programs block the mechanism that email auto responders use to tell when someone is reading the email.) You can also present richer content, including a signable proposal, if appropriate.

This is a sales conversion tool, not a marketing tool (although you can still feed these leads into your email nurturing programs if they are not qualified opportunities).

How do I get started?

Just follow the link to sign up. If you need a little help importing content or setting up your Lead Capture Widget, Mimiran will help you (for free). More in-depth help is also available.

How much does it cost?

$99/user per month. There’s a 90 day money back guarantee, so why not start making your website work harder for you?