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The reverse volume discount

Generally, per-unit prices go down as volumes go up. This is not always the case, however. Occasionally, whether by accident or as a tax on the mathematically disinclined, you’ll see something like this:(From The Consumerist, which includes another, even more … Read More

I Am Rich– No More

We’ve had other discussions about how for some luxury goods, the exorbitant price is part of the value (see $300,000 watches that only tell you whether it’s day or night). Meanwhile, as some of you may have heard, Apple launched … Read More

You Don’t Have a Supply Problem, You Have a Pricing Problem

This is one of my favorite maxims for companies that say they can’t keep up with business. (Granted, it’s a great problem to have.) Seth Godin phrases it slightly differently, writing “scarcity is a choice” in a great post on … Read More

An Innovative Way to Sell $50 T-Shirts

Here’s an interesting pricing model for t-shirts. 200nipples (yes, even the name is, umm, remarkable) sells limited edition runs of 100 tshirts. The first shirt costs $1, the second $2, all the way up to $100. This has the nice … Read More

The Psychology of Price Increases

In last week’s post How to Raise Prices, I referenced two interesting articles on techniques for raising prices, and also suggested using unbundling to differentiate between customers who want maximum value and customers who want minimum price. Today, let’s look … Read More

When Buying Larger Quantities is a Worse Deal

When you buy in bulk, you typically get a better deal. On a per-unit basis, it’s cheaper to buy a 32-pack of Coca Cola at Costco than a single can in a convenience store. The same concept applies in industrial … Read More

Luxury Pricing: Top This!

Although I’ve said before that with luxury items, the price is the value, I’m still occasionally astounded. Now along comes one of the most absurd items I’ve ever seen. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome created a watch they call “Night & … Read More

Pricing Advice from the World’s Oldest Profession

For many people watching the Elliot Spitzer scandal unfold, the shocking part of the story was not that a powerful politician went to a prostitute. That seems almost retro these days. What seemed jaw-dropping was the amount of money Spitzer … Read More

In Luxury Goods, Price is Part of the Value

Luxury vendors have long known that high price is part of their appeal. Not the price per se, but the exclusivity that comes with it. Like a peacock’s tail, the conspicuous consumption of goods that lack any practical purpose is … Read More

French Court Rules Free Shipping Illegal

A French court ruled that Amazon’s free shipping policy violates a law that forbids booksellers from discounting more than 5% off list price. Rather than stopping the practice, Amazon has upped the ante, continuing the policy in the face of … Read More